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Across website, marketing, sales, fulfillment & analytics
Loyalty, reward, couponing, and CRM all in one place! Seamless Integration Powered by AI Cutting-edge technology to optimize the customer experience

Move your grocery business online today!

Want to upgrade your grocery business from offline to online? You are in the right place! With 45 years of combined grocery experience, our dedicated team understands the challenges of going digital. Our mission is to empower independent grocery retailers and help them take their business to the next level, providing them with the technology and know-how to build their online grocery brand – from e-commerce to fulfillment and marketing. At AlwaysOnGrocery, we are not just your consultant or technology provider—we are your partner in this endeavor.

Your digital commerce partner has arrived: Are you ready?

At The Forefront Of E-Commerce Innovation

Our cost-effective end-to-end solution includes:

Branding tailored to your business

● Fully customizable mobile app solution for your customers to place orders anytime and anywhere
● Loyalty, reward, and voucher system enabled
● Compatible with your existing POS system


Quick and easy order processing through our Picker App

● Product scanning capabilities
● Click & collect services
● Order modification


Our state-of-the-art platform provides you with all the relevant data so you can clearly understand trends and respond in real-time.
● Single-dashboard with all of your reports
● Total store sales and stock movement analysis
● Product, loyalty, and promotional analytics

What sets us apart?

We’ve pioneered a fully-integrated platform – combining e-commerce, loyalty, reward, voucher, and CRM services! We pride ourselves on being more than a solution provider; we’re your partner in bringing your e-commerce store to life.

Everything accessible through a single dashboard!

A solution specifically designed for independent grocers!

We build Independent grocers e-commerce brands!

Powered by AI: At the forefront of e-commerce innovation!

Subscription model: Only pay for what you need!

Ground-breaking, all-inclusive sales & marketing techniques!

Want to enhance your revenue by transforming your grocery business into a smart digital store?

AOG made it easy for Independent grocers to let their customers get groceries at their doorstep.

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