Our Solution

We solve the biggest challenges independent grocers face in today’s digital climate by putting innovation front and centre by making the latest technology in e-commerce easily accessible through a subscription model and work closely with you to define the best strategies for your unique business needs.


Customer Interaction Transformation

Did you know that 70% of customers use hand-held devices to place their grocery orders?

Today’s shopping experiences need to be easy, engaging and quick. We will help you optimise their mobile experience and effectively target smartphone and tablet users.

Our Exclusive Picker App

Our exclusive Picker App empowers you to maximise the efficiency of your home deliveries. The app provides your store employees with tools, such as aisle information for the ordered items, enabling them to navigate the store more efficiently and to complete the order in a more timely manner. In addition, the app allows them to collect items for multiple orders at the same time.

AI Powered E-Commerce

Our cutting-edge platform powered by AI, enables you to customise the online shopping experience to your customers’ specific preferences. Build brand loyalty through personalisation options, product recommendations, deal suggestions based on shoppers’ purchase patterns and more.

On the flip side, our AI algorithm will help you strengthen your business model and put you in a more competitive position, for instance through our price optimisation feature.

Order Fulfillment Methods

  • Click & collect
  • Doorstep delivery
  • Drop-off services

We empower our clients through employee training, launch guidance, and ongoing tech support as part of the onboarding process. Our dedicated team of experts supports you every step of the way in setting up your fully-integrated point of sale system.